"The workshop was excellent.  It didn’t try to offer a definitive answer or to give the ‘right answer’, rather it gave everyone the tools and confidence just to have the conversation, which can be the biggest stumbling block...

Our members work in public services, so are ideally placed to challenge racism and xenophobia, not only with members of the general public, but within our own friends, family and networks". - Jenny, Unison Area Organiser

We run workshops across the UK, teaching methods in how to have more effective conversations in the workplace, how to challenge prejudice, and how to support workers. Our workshops help workers across the UK feel more confident to approach difficult and divisive issues, and help build a healthier and more united workforce in the process.


Trade Unions

We work closely with trade unions to provide training and support, and are able to tailor our material to meet the specific needs of each Union or region



For companies or workplaces looking to improve work place dynamics, and avoid potential misunderstandings or even tensions, our harmful language and difficult conversations training modules are ideal.



You don’t have to be part of a union to organise a workshop. Sign up with your details if you would like to organise a training session in your workplace.


We charge a modest fee for our facilitators depending on the size of your organisation.

To find out more, email [email protected]