Difficult Conversations

Overview: With Britain becoming ever more divided on race and immigration it is key that we learn to have productive conversations with those who disagree with us to help combat racism and xenophobia.

Aim: This session offers effective methods for changing the minds of people who have deeply-held, irrational views that are racist or xenophobic, without relying on “myth-busting” techniques. We explore practices that seek to understand people’s perspectives, rather than focus on their objectionable conclusions. Participants will feel confident in having more in-depth conversations with people who have very embedded views and will have got to grips with the principles of empathetic listening and Socratic questioning.

Community Campaigning 101

Overview: A workshop for participants to learn the basics of how to run an effective community campaign.

Aim: This session will develop methods for analysing different agents and allies within a campaign; assessing their power and influence and begin examining the ability to shift support bases.

Participants will also understand the steps for effective campaign planning and its importance; especially the difference between “tactics” and “strategy”

Participants will feel confident that they can map out potential allies and opponents; and how to develop a strategic plan to build an effective local campaign.

Signs of Hate

Overview: For participants to gain a stronger understanding of the British far-right in 2019, what the threat it and signs of radicalisation to look out for.

Aim: The British far-right is the smallest it has been in decades but is still very dangerous. BUT we have a much more dangerous threat – the Alt-Right.

We focus on who are the Alt-Right, the key figures and how they operate.

The presentation also covers a brief history of the British far-right and the state they are in today, the threat they pose to communities and how they radicalise via social media.

Creating a Narrative

Overview: Narrative via Storytelling is one of the most powerful tools for any campaign. This workshop lets you know how to do it effectively.

Aim: Designed to equip people with an understanding of the value of story, and the confidence in using this in their organising and campaigning.

Participants will be confident to use their story to build empathy and connect with an audience and know the value of ‘organising from the heart’.

The focus is on how narrative can be used to build campaigns. Where ‘story of US’ is an inclusive narrative highlighting shared experiences, concerns and values in order to create a specific community, a ‘story of NOW’ describes an urgent challenge to that community.

Advanced Campaigning 

Overview: This is a masterclass in how to run community campaigns. This is the same level of training that HOPE not hate members of staff receive.

Aim: The workshop is for those who have already been through HOPE not hate training sessions, are comfortable with our techniques and want to improve their skills.

We will explore high-level engagement techniques and how to tackle activist fatigue, “perception of failure”, and many other stumbling blocks to campaign.

This workshop is perfect for experienced or professional campaigners who want to take their knowledge to the next level.

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