Meet the Team

The HOPE not hate team is not large, but we have drawn together an incredibly talented and diverse group of individuals who form a close knit team.  HOPE not hate operates via two separate legal entities, one of which is a registered charity and one of which is a campaigning organisation.

You are currently on the website of the charity. HOPE not hate Ltd (HNH Ltd) is the registered company through which we deliver our political activity. The HNH Ltd website can be accessed here.


Nick Lowles MBE - CEO

Nick Lowles is chief executive of HOPE not hate. Having experienced street racism as a child, Nick got involved with the anti-fascist movement as a student volunteer. He became a freelance investigative journalist, working in television, including on BBC Panorama, World in Action, Channel Four Dispatches and MacIntyre Undercover.  Between 1999 and 2011 Nick was co-editor, and then editor, of ‘Searchlight’ magazine. In 2011 he founded HOPE not hate, and has led the organisation in its subsequent growth.  He is the author of ‘White Riot: The Violent Story of Combat 18’, ‘Hooligans: The A-Z of Britain’s Football Hooligan Gangs’, and co-author of ‘Mr. Evil: The Secret Life of Pub Bomber and Killer David Copeland’.    He has also written several special reports on extremism.  Nick sits on various Home Office working groups, and is regularly consulted on issues relating to extremism and community cohesion by the government, opposition and police. He turned down an opportunity to join the House of Lords in 2015, believing that he could be more effective continuing as CEO of a growing organisation, and was awarded an MBE in 2016 for his services in tackling extremism.

Jemma Levene - Deputy Director

Jemma Levene is Deputy Director of HOPE Not Hate.  Jemma is responsible for ensuring the smooth running of HOPE not hate, as well as working with Nick, Matthew and the Board on strategic direction. She also leads on our work with faith communities and on our Education work.  Prior to joining HOPE Not Hate, Jemma worked for non-profits in the UK and USA.  She holds an MA (Hons) in Social Anthropology from the University of Edinburgh, and is a graduate of the Susi Bradfield Educational Leadership Programme and the Senior Faith Leadership Programme. She has contributed to news and broadcast media for HOPE not hate.

Matthew Collins - Head of Intelligence

Matthew Collins is the leading expert on Far Right hate groups in the UK.  Growing up in South London, he became an active member of the National Front, the BNP and Combat 18 before renouncing his associates and working as a mole inside the far-right for three years . He has been the focus of two BBC documentaries, Life Etc in 2001 and the BBC3 film Dead Man Walking (2004). His autobiography is 'HATE: My Life in the British Far Right' (Biteback). He is a regular contributor to news & broadcast media. Matthew runs our intelligence work both on and within the Far Right in the UK, and works with our international networks. 

Organising Team

The HOPE not hate organising team are a group of remarkably talented and passionate individuals, who between them embody the diversity that makes Britain such an exciting place to live. Our organisers support local groups and volunteers, train community leaders, build partnerships between different organisations and empower people top become democratically engaged. Their focus on bridging divides between diverse communities is shaping a more inclusive society which is more resistant to hate.


Research Team

Our research team includes experts on particular interest groups such as the Far Right, the international Alt Right, Holocaust deniers and Islamist groups. In addition, we have researchers with expertise in monitoring and recording wider social trends and attitudes that feed into and feed off racist narratives. Between them, our researchers are multi-lingual, and we have incredible reach into like-minded networks across Europe and the rest of the world. We also have expertise in digital research, allowing us to map, anticipate and expose trends using cutting-edge technology applied to big data and social media usage.


Education Team

Led by Owen Jones, who comes with a wealth of experience both in organising and in education, our Education Team includes trained teachers, those with expertise in SEN and even an educational psychologist.  We are fortunate to be able to call on a network of experienced educators up and down the country to deliver content in schools, and to come together to train teachers in lesson planning and in building a more inclusive atmosphere in their schools.  Our team stands out because of the way they develop student’s understanding of how power, inequality and discrimination are all linked.


Engine Room of HOPE not hate

Of course, none of our work would be possible without the sterling group of people who work to support our research, education and organising teams.  Whether digital, communications, fundraising or finance, we have a great team with a one-for-all, all-for-one attitude to ensuring HOPE not hate delivers at the highest level.

Our Board

HOPE not hate Charitable Trust has a Board, who also form the Trustees of the charity.  Handpicked to represent diverse voices from modern Britain, they also all bring specific areas of expertise to us, including organisational management, finance, HR, business acumen, community organising, non-profit management, hermeneutics and faith representation and leadership.