We have recently published Signs of HATE, a resource for teachers, and other public sector workers, to learn about and develop skills for spotting far right terms, symbols and codes. We've sent a free copy to every secondary school across England and Wales.

Our hope is that this resource will arm teachers with the understanding needed to make early and effective interventions. We've already had tremndous feedback, with Headteachers contacting us asking to buy copies for their whole pastoral or leadership teams, and booking in CPD training.

If your school is interested in finding out more about our training and our interactive workshops for students, please get in touch here.

This project is possible because of the support of our members. Members give a small amount each month - from £3 and up - to sustain our work. Because thousands of people have joined us, we’re able to offer this support, including all our training, to schools free of charge. If you’re a member, thank you. If you’d like to join and help us, click here

You can buy extra copies of the book here

And to hear more about why we wrote this book, and what we are experiencing in classrooms all over the UK, don't miss this piece by our Head of Education, Owen Jones, as well as this Guardian article.