Here you'll find links to some of the research undertaken by Hope not hate Charitable Trust in recent years.

Some of this content is kindly hosted on the website of Hope not hate Ltd, in which case we have provided hyperlinks. We're hoping to build these reports into the Charity's site in the coming months too.

Rewriting History

This new publication provides an accessible but comprehensive exploration of what Holocaust denial is and the various ways people have tried to revise the facts of the Holocaust.

Importantly the book looks at the many different sources of Holocaust denial including far-right and left-wing denial as well as denial in the Middle East and North Africa and among some Muslims in the West. It also explores the importance of conspiracy theories and the role of the internet in changing the nature of contemporary Holocaust denial.

This book is ideal for academics, students, and anti-racist activists and anyone concerned with the rise of anti-semitism and the far right.

The book is published by HOPE not hate Charitable Trust, and all sales will benefit the charity

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Fear, Hope and Loss

Our Charity was founded on the very principle that if we are to counter narratives of hate, we must offer hope. This means building stronger communities. This report from 2018 looks into the scale and drivers of fear and hate, what gives us hope, and what can bring us together.

Challenging Anti-Muslim Hate

Find all our work on Islamophobia and anti-Muslim hate groups in one place. 

As well as our report into the international Islamophobia scene, you can find recent reports on social media manipulation, the mainstreaming of anti-Muslim prejudice, and case studies on how to challenge hate and prejudice.

Fear and Hope 2017

Race, Faith and Belonging in today's England.

Read the most detailed survey of its kind with 4000 people answering questions on race, belonging and identity in modern England.