On April 2nd, a few members of HOPE not hate staff visited the site of the New Zealand memorial in London’s Hyde Park to mark the 50 lives lost after a white supremacist terrorist targeted 2 mosques in Christchurch.

On the day of the attack, we asked our followers on social media to write messages of condolences to share with the New Zealand High Commission. Nearly a thousand messages poured in from people across the country. The messages were incredibly moving, and some even brought us to tears. We gathered all the messages together and turned it into a book of condolences.

On the day of the visit, we laid flowers by the memorial site and gave the condolence book to the New Zealand High Commission to read over. It was an incredibly emotional experience for us all, and times like this reminds us of the devastating impact hate holds if left unchallenged/allows to fester.

Time and again, be they nazis or jihadists, commit acts of terror in the hope of sparking a violent backlash. Time and again, good people come together to show that hate will not win.

You can view our visit to the New Zealand High Commission on the HOPE not hate Instagram page.