The National Conversation on Immigration is one of the largest exercises in public engagement on policy decisions ever undertaken. It aims to understand what the British public thinks about immigration and the kind of immigration policy they would like to see, and to take this information to UK decision-makers. It also gives us a detailed understanding of how people across the country see migration and the positives and challenges it brings within their own communities. 

The immigration debate is one of the most divisive issues of our time, but so far it has been dominated by loud voices from extremes on both sides. HOPE not hate, together with British Future, want reach beyond this, to find out where there is common ground on immigration. Feeding into the Home Affairs committee’s investigation on immigration, we want to find policy solutions which work for public services and employers, workers and local communities, and of course, migrants themselves.

How does it work?

Across the UK we will be hosting 60 citizens’ panels, consulting representative groups of people from a broad cross-section of society. In each location, 60 stakeholder meetings will also engage key organisations, institutions and individuals to seek their views.

We are also hosting an open survey, to give everyone a voice in the conversation, and have developed a number of toolkits for people to host their own conversation and feed into the investigation. 

The findings from the nationwide panels and survey, together with new opinion polling, will be presented in an interim report to the Home Affairs Committee and a final report towards the end of the Inquiry period that the Government must respond to.

This is your chance to be heard in building the next immigration policy. Get involved!

Interested in what people think about immigration? Where can we find common ground on one of the most politically divisive issues of our time?

Local reports are produced from each of our sixty visits, offering detailed accounts of what the National Conversation is finding across the country

You can access these on the National Conversation website.