Freelance Educators

HOPE not hate Charitable Trust (HNHCT) is looking to expand our network of Freelance Educators across England & Wales who will help deliver our education programme to schools and colleges. 

The role will be very ad hoc as the educator will only be required as and when we have bookings in their area. Efforts will be made to fit around each person’s schedule, but ultimately will depend on the school’s timetable.

Pay: £120 per full day/£75 per half day plus travel costs

Charity Overview

HNHCT is HOPE not hate’s main vehicle for the development and execution of our community action and engagement plans, training and educational services. HNHCT seeks to equip local communities and groups to defeat hate at a grassroots level. We also seek to influence the national debate by providing briefings and training to public policy figures as well as statutory and non-statutory bodies. HNH Charitable enables us to make direct interventions during and after challenging events. HNHCT also publishes regular pamphlets, toolkits, informational literature and analysis about extremists and the politics of hate both in the UK and abroad.

Aim of the Education Unit

Since the hate crime spike witnessed after the 2016 Referendum, HOPE not hate witnessed an unprecedented demand to speak to young people in schools and their teachers about the challenges of racism and the need to promote more inclusive environments.

Starting with pilot testing in 2016, the Education Unit was set up in 2017 to deliver workshops and staff training to schools around the country – all free of charge, thanks to a generous grant.

Our research shows that young people have more inclusive views than ever, and embrace multiculturalism much more enthusiastically than previous generations. But our work is still cut out for us, and the anti-racism (and other -isms) message needs to up its game with young people.

Racism/sexism/homophobia are all ‘bad’ and young people know that. But aside from these core themes, do they really understand what prejudice means on a day-to-day level? Do they understand the use of lazy language, how inequality often starts from birth, and that there are other embedded historical structures in society that prevent genuine equality between genders, ethnic groups and other minorities struggling for holistic acceptance in today’s Britain?

Could they even (unwittingly) be contributing to these inequalities or prejudice without realising…?

These are the questions the Education Unit are keen to explore as well as taking HNH’s very successful community organising methodology and first-class research into a school environment.



  • Full DBS background check
  • Strong classroom management skills
  • Basic IT skills including email, Microsoft Office and Google Apps
  • A good understanding of recent British social history surrounding race and equality
  • Very good public speaking
  • Good communication skills
  • Ability to motivate others
  • Ability to remain calm and diffuse situations (in the light of workshop content and the opinions these may bring out from students)
  • Ability to relate well to students in a variety of contexts
  • Ability to successfully deploy a range of teaching and learning strategies to suit the nature of the workshop content and the ability of the students
  • Understanding of and ability to recognise discrimination in its many forms
  • Commitment to equal opportunities
  • Commitment to safeguarding students


  • Qualified Teacher Status
  • Basic understanding of the British far-right and their history
  • Basic understanding of the work of HNH
  • Good understanding of contemporary thoughts around discrimination and equality
  • Desire to improve knowledge and understanding of the issues HNH campaign on
  • Knowledge of Prevent agenda and British Values curriculum
  • Willingness to stay abreast of national developments in education and contribute to developing resources and pedagogy to reflect the changing landscape


To apply for the role please send a CV and covering letter to Owen Jones, Head of Education – [email protected]

Please also contact Owen for any questions for request for further information about the role.

All candidates will be required to sit an interview and reference checks.

We want to hear from applicants from all backgrounds, and especially welcome applications from people of colour, women, and people with disabilities. We are committed to a belief that the more our work is created by people from a variety of backgrounds, and with a range of life experiences, the better it will be.