We’re exploring how demographic and economic changes are affecting the social fabric of British towns. What makes a community more or less welcoming? What are the opportunities for and obstacles to community resilience? How will the coronavirus outbreak affect our towns?

By better understanding how changing social, economic and urban conditions affect attitudes to immigration and multiculturalism in British towns, we hope to create a roadmap towards resilient, open communities across Britain.

We’ll be producing:

  • National research to paint a national picture of British towns in 2020. How do we categorise towns, and what makes them distinct from core cities? How do the different characteristics of places shape resilience and what drive hostility?
  • Large scale data mapping to better understand how different factors intersect to impact a town’s potential for inclusivity. What role do issues like wage stagnation, connectivity, and political engagement have to play min making cohesive communities?
  • Local research to support work in each of our pilot towns, to identify risks and opportunities for intervention.