We’re working in three pilot towns to better understand these issues in practice and to test what can be done locally to foster hope in our towns.

In-depth consultations with a broad range of key actors, including frontline workers, decision-makers and community activists across housing, health, employment and education, will lay out the challenges and opportunities ahead for migration and cohesion in these towns – a “practitioners’ guide” to what needs to change and how we can change create that change. 

Bringing actors together from local authorities, community groups and business, we want to identify priorities for the town, and work to coproduce comprehensive resilience frameworks that support these towns to address barriers to cohesion, and strengthen existing assets.

Identifying points of friction, opportunity and hope in representative communities, we want to lay out the path to more inclusive communities through understanding how people feel about identity, society and economic change. How do towns meet the issues facing their communities? How do they bolster the strengths and assets that give hope for their future?