Join us as we celebrate this year's Great Get Together! 

Over the past four years communities up and down the country have come together to celebrate the life of Jo Cox MP, and we’ve run hundreds of events together with community groups, with people around the country showing that we have more in common. 

This year’s Great Get Together will be different from previous years. This year, though we can’t get together, we are making sure that we can still connect together. Now, more than ever, we have lots to celebrate, as the country came together through the corona crisis, but at the same time, we’ve got more than ever to do, as we face challenging times ahead. 

Over the course of the Great Get Together weekend, we invite you to join us in any of the things we have planned, or head over to the Great get Together website for more ideas too. And, as we’ll not be able to be together in person this year, please share everything you do to mark this weekend with us, by tagging us in social media or emailing photos in to [email protected] This year’s hashtag is #PowerOfCommunity so use that too! 

So, what do we have planned? 

Something for your street

For all that we’ve all been struggling through the pandemic, sadly, there’s always someone worse off than us, and that’s why we’re suggesting organising a socially-distanced street foodbank collection. If you’ve created a street WhatsApp group recently, now’s the perfect time to put it to good use. Explain to your neighbours that it’s the Great Get Together coming up, and while you can’t have that longed for street party or post-lockdown celebration just yet, if everyone can leave one non-perishable food item on their doorstep, you’ll come along and collect it, and take everything to the local foodbank. If you don't have a street WhatsApp group, we've created a postcard you can print out and put through people's doors.

Download the postcard

Remember to get in touch with your local food bank to find out what they will need. You can find your nearest foodbank here.

We’ve created a card that you can fill in to say that it’s a collection from your own street or block of flats, to make it more personal. You can download that here, and it's available as a colour version, or as a colouring sheet, so children on the street can get involved too. 

Download in colour Download without colour

Alternatively, if it works better for you, try contacting a local hospital to see if a fruit delivery from your neighbours would be welcome, or get the kids on your street to write and colour cards for isolated elderly neighbours or for a local care home. 

Something digital

Have you been worried to see good friends or family taken in by or sharing misinformation during the pandemic? During the Great Get Together weekend we’re encouraging people to share some positive digital content to help slow the rising tide of misinformation we seem to have been flooded with. Click the button below to see the graphics we've created for this weekend. Pick the one(s) that resonates with you and get sharing throughout the weekend – let's make some positive digital noise! 

See the social media graphics

Get together with our team

Join a live webinar on Saturday morning at 11am featuring our Senior Researcher Dr Joe Mulhall and our Activism Officer Afrida Chowdhury. Joe will explore the Far Right response to the covid-19 pandemic, and more recently, to the Black Lives Matter protests. We’ll be looking at conspiracy theories, the impacted groups who are particularly vulnerable right now, and what we can all do as we look ahead to a post-pandemic world. 

Places are limited, so book now.

Once you've registered, you'll have a chance to submit questions in advance for Afrida and Joe.

Looking forward to seeing you on Saturday!