"HOPE not hate have really inspired and motivated me to become active in my local community. Receiving practical and realistic training, being supported by like-minded people and being encouraged really helped me develop my confidence and believe that I can make a difference" - Kelly, Derby

When people are able to identify what they have in common - and work together to solve issues in their community - fear, mistrust and prejudice is sidelined in the process. Identifying ways for people to come together around common issues can build lasting relationships that make communities more resilient to hate.

These sessions can be run separately as half day workshops, or together as a full day or weekend training. Whether you are a campaigning organisation, a faith group, a trade union or student union, we can tailor our training to meet your needs and make you a more effective force for good.

Session 1: Building a Story of US

This workshop looks at the power of our own personal stories, focusing on why we are called upon to make change in our communities, and how we can create an inclusive Story of US in our own groups or wider community.

Session 2: Relational Organising and Strategy  

This workshop is a follow on to the Story session. We explore: Different kinds of organising employed by different campaign groups in the UK; how to identify an issue in your community to campaign around; How to map a community and bring different partners on board. Strategic Planning tools are also introduced so you never leave a meeting wondering “what comes next?”

Group/Organisation Renewal and Development

This workshop is designed to help groups and organisations re-focus and assist you in rebuilding group coherence, and to develop your group into the force needed to defend and advance effectively the interests of your group’s members and the wider community.

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