We are living at a time in Europe and the UK when so many voices are shouting for attention, and what they are shouting seems more and more outrageous, making statements or pulling stunts that a few years ago would have been considered outrageous incitement.

The ugly has become commonplace and the noise deafening. In the midst of all of this, so many feel helpless to make changes that are so badly needed, whether it is ending climate change and a hostile environment which has contributed to austerity measure and poverty.

What can each of us do?

Well there is one thing – and that is to vote, UK Government, the EU, organisations that we are members of, such as the UN, are only as good as the participation of the membership – and that means voters.

It is important to remember that not everyone is able to vote, those under 18, whose futures depend on your votes today, are not able to vote. Those from other nations who have settled here, work and pay taxes, teach our children, heal the sick – many of them are also ineligible to vote.

And yet their lives also depend upon the decisions that are made. Each and every vote is important – not just to those who vote, but to those on whose behalf they cast that vote. Lives depend on it. If you are able, if you are eligible – please – vote.

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