We have been working in the West Midlands since 2011 to bring people together in areas targeted by far-right politicians and activists. This has included community projects in towns such as Dudley where we have helped community members organise community-run newsletters, events, social opportunities and campaigns to bring people together from different backgrounds.  

Our aim today in Birmingham and the West Midlands is to upskill and train community leaders and volunteers. Our community events, door-knocking, and training are all designed to improve dialogue within and between different groups and communities - all intentionally undercutting xenophobic, islamophobic, sectarian, and other divisive narratives in the process.

We are working with a range of partners across Birmingham to do this, and building links with towns around the West Midlands.

By emphasising what we have in common and building shared identities, we hope to isolate the haters. 

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