The upcoming General Election provides Muslims across this land to have their voices heard.   

I urge every Muslim to attend hustings, raise issues, ask difficult questions of candidates of every stripe. I urge every Muslim to engage with their neighbours and fellow Britons on the issues of concern to all of us, from Brexit, to funding the NHS, to policing our streets.

There is so much that binds us together as a nation; we all share the same concerns, fears, challenges. We can overcome each one but only if we face them together. 

This is also an opportunity for us to pause and reflect on those of our fellow citizens who might be suffering and need our support. I take enormous pride in our Muslim community’s willingness to help others in times of need. As Muslims, we are taught to come to the assistance of anyone and everyone—the poor, those suffering from disease or those facing discrimination. We empathise because many of us have faced similar challenges in our own lives or known some close who has.  

At this time, many of us are fearing a rise in Islamophobia in our society. I’m afraid, we are not alone. Our Jewish friends too are suffering; they against the rising tide of Anti-Semitism. Uniting, speaking as one, we can defeat this cancer of intolerance and hate.     

So, let’s get out and engage. Everyone, including our young, our professionals, our elderly, and especially our women. Our three million strong community is an integral part of the incredibly rich fabric of this great nation. We can get the representation we want.   

And don’t forget to vote! Experience the thrill of going to the polling station to celebrate our ancient democracy, the envy of the world.