HOPE Trumps Hate – 26,584 times

“Even just holding a card with the words Hope Trumps Hate can be a powerful thing,” said Mohammed Ali, a project manager for Faiths Forum for London outside the US embassy yesterday.Read more

Golders Green: balancing fear and racism

Anti-Muslim hatred always needs to be challenged but tackling misplaced fear and ignorance needs a more nuanced approach, as the recent controversy over a new mosque in Golders Green reveals.Read more

Confronting Islamophobia in the classroom

“I hate Muslims, I’m afraid of them, when you walked into the room I was afraid.”Read more

Discussing Hate - The Muslim Jewish Approach

“The problem is two-fold; anti-Semitism is declared to be a thing of the past, while Islamophobia is not even acknowledged as a thing that exists.”Read more

Finding Common Ground

There is something "unique" happening at the Muslim Jewish Conference (MJC), an annual gathering of young Muslims and Jews held in a different international location each year.Read more