Bringing People Together in Buttershaw

HOPE not hate Bradford are planning for their annual city centre celebration this June by holding events in outlying estates. HOPE not hate organiser Paul Meszaros reports from ButtershawRead more

A Day in the Life…of a Community Organiser

Mahmooda Qureshi is a community organiser for HOPE not hate in Birmingham. She explains what her job entails.Read more

Democracy Week: Youth, voting and ice cream

HOPE not hate has been campaigning across London to help young people register for local council elections on 3 May.Read more

A week in the life...

A picture tells a thousand words. And a tweet is limited to 280 characters... So here's a tweeted account of a week in the life of some of our organisers.Read more

Cardiff chooses HOPE not hate

When walls were vandalised with far-right posters and Nazi graffiti, volunteers in Cardiff used the opportunity to reach out to one another, and build strength and unity in the community.Read more

Weekend of Action - February

Volunteers from 23 different towns across the UK came out to run targeted leafleting sessions. This was our first weekend of action as part of a new project of engagement.Read more

School of Sanctuary

Students at Llanishen High School have been campaigning to have their school recognised as a "school of sanctuary". They were recently invited to the Welsh Assembly to present their project. This is student Elham's account of the day.Read more

Celebrating the beautiful and inspirational diversity of the city we love

Saturday 17 February was One Day Without Us – a day marked as a celebration of the invaluable contribution of migrants and migration to society in the UK. Neil is a HOPE not hate volunteer in Sheffield. HNH Sheffield was one of a number of groups involved in organising 1DWU celebrations in the city. This is his account of the day.Read more

Roses at Christmas

People think Muslims don’t want to have anything to do with Christmas, but HOPE not hate organiser Mahmooda Qureshi explains why that's not her experience.Read more

HOPE not hate trains activists

HOPE not hate has teamed up with several other groups to train activists in the art of campaigning.Read more