Roses at Christmas

People think Muslims don’t want to have anything to do with Christmas, but HOPE not hate organiser Mahmooda Qureshi explains why that's not her experience.Read more

HOPE not hate trains activists

HOPE not hate has teamed up with several other groups to train activists in the art of campaigning.Read more

Community Success in Cardiff

HOPE not hate Community campaign to save award-winning chef from deportation leads to Home Office U-Turn.Read more

A very HOPEful Christmas

Our HOPE not hate organisers have spent the year training people to have better conversations about difficult and divisive issues. So with the festive period upon us, we asked our supporters to take part in our Christmas Challenge!Read more

MPs Highlight Muslim Generosity During Christmas Period

The 'Muslim' Christmas hashtag has been trending on social media, following a Parliamentary report about Muslims' charitable efforts at this time of year.Read more

HOPE Trumps Hate – 26,584 times

“Even just holding a card with the words Hope Trumps Hate can be a powerful thing,” said Mohammed Ali, a project manager for Faiths Forum for London outside the US embassy yesterday.Read more

Golders Green: balancing fear and racism

Anti-Muslim hatred always needs to be challenged but tackling misplaced fear and ignorance needs a more nuanced approach, as the recent controversy over a new mosque in Golders Green reveals.Read more

Confronting Islamophobia in the classroom

“I hate Muslims, I’m afraid of them, when you walked into the room I was afraid.”Read more

Understanding the spike in hate crimes

What's behind the largest increase in hate crimes since 2011?Read more

Discussing Hate - The Muslim Jewish Approach

“The problem is two-fold; anti-Semitism is declared to be a thing of the past, while Islamophobia is not even acknowledged as a thing that exists.”Read more