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Staying Safe

It’s always better to be safe than sorry, and so here are some tips for staying safe while working in communities. These are some basic guidelines for online and offline safety. Read more

Defining Hate

Not every person or organisation who is perceived to be creating disruption in a community is motivated by hate, and certainly not all community tension is instigated or inflamed by a hate group or by extremism. however, there will be times when you might find yourself faced with something which does seem to be motivated by hate. This section will take a look at how we try to define ‘hate’ and ‘extremism’. Read more

A Gift in Your Will

We know that, when you decide that it’s time to make your Will, you’ll think of your family and friends first, and we wouldn’t have it any other way. Once you’ve thought of those closest to you though, you might like to think about what a difference leaving a gift for HOPE not hate in your Will could make. Read more

Cardiff chooses HOPE not hate

When walls were vandalised with far-right posters and Nazi graffiti, volunteers in Cardiff used the opportunity to reach out to one another, and build strength and unity in the community. Read more

Community Network

HOPE not hate has organised for over a decade to challenge hate. Now we need your help. Read more

Workplace Training

We run workshops across the UK, teaching methods in how to have more effective conversations in the workplace, how to challenge prejudice, and how to support workers. Read more