HOPE not hate Charitable Trust (HNHCT) is looking to expand our network of Freelance Educators across England & Wales who will help deliver our education programme to schools and colleges.Read more

A Gift in Your Will

We know that, when you decide that it’s time to make your Will, you’ll think of your family and friends first, and we wouldn’t have it any other way. Once you’ve thought of those closest to you though, you might like to think about what a difference leaving a gift for HOPE not hate in your Will could make.Read more

Cardiff chooses HOPE not hate

When walls were vandalised with far-right posters and Nazi graffiti, volunteers in Cardiff used the opportunity to reach out to one another, and build strength and unity in the community.Read more

Community Network

HOPE not hate has organised for over a decade to challenge hate. Now we need your help.Read more

Workplace Training

We run workshops across the UK, teaching methods in how to have more effective conversations in the workplace, how to challenge prejudice, and how to support workers.Read more

Student Groups

HOPE not hate has a proud history of working hand in hand with the student movement.Read more

When Hate Comes to Town

Whether it is an extremist group seeking to promote hatred and division, or a local issue that threatens to divide people, every threat presents an opportunity to bring people together, build relationships, and strengthen our communities.Read more

Community Organising 101

When people are able to identify what they have in common - and work together to solve issues in their community - fear, mistrust and prejudice is sidelined in the process.Read more

Teacher Training

The Education team are able to deliver training to teachers either on site or at one of our designated teacher training days.Read more

Everything you need to know about voting

Register online at It takes a couple of minutes.Read more