Young People in the Time of COVID-19

A Fear and HOPE study of 16-24 year olds This new report looks at how fear and hope shape the attitudes and behaviours of young people, aged 16-24, in Britain today Read more

Great Get Together 2020

Join us as we celebrate this year's Great Get Together! Over the past four years communities up and down the country have come together to celebrate the life of Jo Cox MP, and we’ve run hundreds of events together with community groups, with people around the country showing that we have more in common. Read more

Hopeful Towns: Pilot Communities

We’re working in three pilot towns to better understand these issues in practice and to test what can be done locally to foster hope in our towns. Read more

Hopeful Towns: Research

We’re exploring how demographic and economic changes are affecting the social fabric of British towns. What makes a community more or less welcoming? What are the opportunities for and obstacles to community resilience? How will the coronavirus outbreak affect our towns? Read more

Coronavirus Update

The work of the HOPE not hate Charitable Trust continues during this difficult time. Read more