I'm writing this three days after the horrific terrorist attack in New Zealand. The world is still reeling, as we hear more about the white nationalist ideology that inspired the attack on two mosques in Christchurch, and learn of the heroism of individuals who prevented further death and pain.

All over the UK this weekend people have joined vigils, visited mosques in solidarity, or just introduced themselves to neighbours for the first time.

When something so awful happens, even though it couldn't be further away geographically, it's so clear that people want to respond with positivity and love.

Here at HOPE not hate, unsurprisingly our researchers have been able to provide invaluable analysis of the motivations and ideology behind the attack, but we're also determined to provide positive responses in the face of horror - HOPE in place of hate.

We have three different ways you can join us in responding.

If you've not yet come across LAMP, it’s a fortnight e-newsletter, monitoring, analysing and challenging anti-Muslim prejudice and hate. It addresses the organised Islamophobia industry; changing societal attitudes; the impact of discriminatory policies; and the drivers behind the hate and mainstreaming of anti-Muslim rhetoric. It also analyses what can be done to reduce Islamophobia and how to engage productively with people who might think differently than you.


Over the weekend, we've been honoured to receive donations in honour of the victims, and we are dedicating all the donations we have received to support our work tackling anti-Muslim hate, and in particular to support the work that goes in to producing LAMP. Please join us in this work by supporting this fund today.


And finally, it’s definitely not too early to be thinking about this summer’s Great Get Together. Now more than ever, it feels like communities want to come together to celebrate and to build relationships.  We’re very excited that this year we’ll be working with Kim and Catherine at the Jo Cox Foundation to make sure the Great Get Together weekend sees people running and joining events in their communities all over Britain. The weekend takes place this year on 21-23 June, on what would have been Jo Cox’s 45th birthday.  Whether you want to help run an event, or just want to be kept up to date with what’s happening in your area, we would love to here from you.

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There's never just one 'right way' to respond to such a devastating event as the attack in New Zealand, but we are always stronger together, so let's all do what feels right to us to show that HOPE can beat hate, every time.