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Muhammad Cartoons

HOPE not hate issued a special report in July 2015 outlining a plan by a group of British ‘counter-jihadists’ (anti-Muslim activists) to host a ‘Muhammad cartoon’ exhibition in central London on 18 September with the deliberate intention of inciting a violent reaction from British Muslims.

The event was to be attended by infamous far right Dutch politician Geert Wilders.

The counter-jihadists view using Muhammad cartoons as a way of illustrating what they believe is the incompatibility between Islam and the West.

Our report revealed that some in the counter-jihad movement believe that civil war between Muslim and non-Muslim communities is not only inevitable but desirable.

The now cancelled exhibition’s organiser was Anne Marie Waters, a former lawyer who was a candidate for UKIP in the recent general election. She currently runs Sharia Watch UK.

Only three weeks before Waters announced the cartoon exhibition was to take place, she was involved in long discussions with Stephen Lennon (the founder and former leader of the English Defence League), as well as Alan Ayling (one of Britain’s leading counter-jihadists, who helped found the EDL) and Jim Dowson, founder of the far-right/mosque invading party, Britain First.

The quartet openly discussed using the cartoons (which cause offence to many Muslims) to incite a violent backlash, which they hoped would spark a wider conflict between communities and, ultimately, civil war.

Our report also revealed that Lennon, who was pushing the cartoon exhibition on social media, was planning to become joint leader of Sharia Watch after his license period for his mortgage fraud ended in late-July.

Read the report here

Gateway to Terror

Gateway to Terror is a 2013 report by HOPE not hate into Anjem Choudary and the al-Muhajiroun network. It is the most detailed investigation into this Islamist extremist organisation, its structures and its terrorist connections.

The 60-page publication lists those convicted of terrorism or terror-related offences, or who have actually participated in suicide attacks, who have been linked to the group. It names the man who narrated a recent al-Shabaab video and his links to the group. It charts the growing connections between Choudary and the northern Iraqi Ansar al-Islam and discloses that between 200-300 supporters from Choudary

A new report on Choudary’s network is in preparation. Read more on Nick Lowels’ January 2016 blog here

Order the report here

Rewriting History

Rewriting history: Holocaust Revisionism Today builds upon a similar publication we produced in 2000, in the immediate aftermath of David Irving’s failed libel action. It seeks to take stock of how the Holocaust revisionist movement has changed in the intervening decade. The publication examines how its arguments have morphed and adapted in order to continue its primary function of raining down derision, defamation and hatred upon Jews. It looks at those who deny the Holocaust happened, those who question key facts in order to deliberately undermine its significance and those who attempt to relativise it in order to compare it to other conflicts and persecutions.

Rewriting history: Holocaust Revisionism Today is a free download you can grab it here

Fear and Hope

In 2011 HOPE not hate (then Searchlight Educational Trust commissioned the polling organisation Populus to explore the issues of English identity, faith and race. The Fear and HOPE survey gives a snapshot of current attitudes in society today. It explores the level of fear, hate and hope. It details what pulls us apart and what brings us together. With 5,054 respondents and 91 questions it is one of the largest and most comprehensive surveys into attitude, identity and extremism in the UK to date.

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