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Voter Registration

General Election 2017

The 2017 snap general election will take place on 8 June. Voter registration deadline is 22 May.

With the General Election 2017 only few weeks away and the future of our communities and the country hanging in the balance, it is more important than ever that every voice gets heard. But HOPE not hate research shows that traditionally under-represented communities and social groups - namely, students and young people, ethnic minorities and renters - remain at risk of not having a say come 8 June. In fact, they are more at risk than ever, so HOPE not hate is joining forces with a wide coalition of partners and launching a national Voter Registration campaign.

The 2017 general election will take place on 8 June

Q1. Where can I register to vote?

A1. Register online at before 11.59pm on Monday 22 May. It takes only a few minutes. Make sure you have your National Insurance number handy.

Q2. Who can vote in the general election?

A2. To vote in a UK general election, you have to be 18 years old or over and be a British citizen, a qualifying Commonwealth citizen or a citizen of the Republic of Ireland.

NOTE: The following CANNOT vote in a UK general election: members of the House of Lords, EU citizens (even if they were granted permanent residence), refugees and asylum seekers (unless they were granted indefinite leave to remain), convicted persons detained in pursuance of their sentences (though remand prisoners, unconvicted prisoners and civil prisoners can vote if they are on the electoral register)

A list of qualifying Commonwealth citizens can be found here.

Q3. Can students register at two addresses?

A3. YES, students can register at their university/ term address and their home address. They should register at both, especially as this snap general election takes place at the end of term for some universities and in the middle of the exam period for others.

Q4. How do I register for a postal vote?

A4. First of all you have to be registered to vote. If you are already registered and now want to apply for a postal vote, the deadline is 5pm on Tuesday 23 May. You need to fill in the form at this link and then send it to the electoral registration office in your local council. To find their details enter your postcode here

Q5. How do I register for a proxy vote?

A5. If you cannot vote in person and trust someone to cast your vote for you, you need to apply for a proxy vote by Wednesday 31 May. You can find all the info here.

Q6. Do I need to re-register to vote if I moved home?

A6. YES, every time you move home you need to re-register.

Q7. I registered to vote for the 4 May Local Elections. Do I need to re-register for the 8 June General Election?

A7. No, unless you intend to move home between these two elections. Also, if you are a student you should consider registering at both your university/ term address and home address, in case you are not sure where you will be on 8 June.

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