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Our Cup Of Tea

This summer, our team at HOPE not hate uncovered a plan by a group of anti-Muslim activists to organise a provocative “Muhammad cartoon” exhibition in Central London around the weekend of the 18th September.

Their hope was to incite a violent backlash from British Muslims leading to serious disorder between Muslims and other communities in Britain and some were hoping for a literal “civil war”. The plan was for the event to be attended by far-right politician Geert Wilders and others. The main organiser was Anne Marie Waters, a former lawyer who was a candidate for UKIP in the recent general election. Click here to read the report we put together.

Happily, the Exhibition did not take place. Citing “security concerns”, the organisers abruptly cancelled the event. Even before Anne Marie Waters’ announcement, the release of HOPE not hate’s investigation into the planned exhibition led to members of the counter-jihadist movement falling out with each other.

Alongside work with ministers, politicians, police and others, we decided that one positive response to such provocation and threat of violence was to respond with a peaceful, community led campaign that brought people together, the very thing that extremists try to tell us is not possible and something they certainly don’t want to see happening.

The ongoing campaign we created is called Our Cup of Tea.

There is a Facebook page here: and we encourage people to use the hashtag #ourcupoftea

Local residents wave teapots at EDL protestors in York.

Local residents wave teapots at EDL protestors in York, May 2013

Get Involved!

  • Organise to have tea with someone who is ‘different’ to you, either in pairs, in groups, at your Mosque or other place of worship, at your community centre, in your school, with someone who is homeless. The options and ideas are endless
  • Take a photo and tweet it with the hastag #ourcupoftea
  • Send it to us so we can share it
  • Share it on Facebook
  • Tell your local newspapers and radio about it so they can cover the story locally - we need to spread the good news!

We have created a gallery of great photos on our Facebook page, and we encourage you to take more so we can add them.

Bigger events in some areas of the country are being planned too, if you would like to find out more about something in your area, get in touch.

Please link in, email with your thoughts and ideas of how you can be involved. Let’s show the extremists, wherever they are from, that their desire to divide communities is failing and that we will always respond with HOPE over hate.

Contact us at [email protected]

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