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In response to the horror at the murder of Labour MP Jo Cox and the upsurge in racism which followed the EU referendum result, HOPE not hate organised a #MoreInCommon weekend to bring communities together.

A new Fear & HOPE poll, commissioned in the week after the referendum, showed a deeply divided and anxious country. While a small group of racists felt emboldened by the result and so carried out racist attacks on minorities and in particular Eastern Europeans, there was also a growing backlash from many people who voted Remain in the referendum towards those who had voted to leave.

As a result HOPE not hate felt it necessary to bring our divided communities together and over the weekend of 3/4 September we organised 83 #MoreInCommon events across the country.

Some, like Batley, saw over 1,500 people attend. Others were smaller, more localised, community picnics.

Despite appalling weather across much of the country, there was a real desire to organise positive events. What was most encouraging was the amount of new people who offered to organise events and many of them have gone on to get more actively involved in HOPE not hate.

Our #MoreInCommon weekend was supported by tech company #SeenIt who gave our supporters the ability to upload video and photos from their events so they could be instantly put into a national video.

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