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Tackling the root causes of division

posted by: John Page | on: Sunday, 26 February 2017, 12:16

Photo: Sam Leighton

Photo: Sam Leighton

HOPE not hate has teamed up with Leeds University to host a conference, 23-24 March: ‘A future for post-industrial communities?’

Over the last couple of years, one of the areas we have increasingly focused on has been those communities whose past was industrial, confident and proud, but whose present is in many ways the opposite. These communities are often the target of provocative marches by the far right. In many cases, as people feel helpless, the narratives of blame and division have begun taking hold.

We have started to work with our friends at the New Economics Foundation, with regeneration groups and with academics to explore the issues in these communities, believing that whatever the challenges, a community is more effective when it is inclusive. Our training on community organising can help a community to address issues, and when a community can effect change, it does not need to look for someone to blame.

We have had organisers in Rotherham, Methyr and Dudley, seeking to find the issues that really affect their communities and we have identified a key theme. In each of these areas there are huge inequalities of health. A boy child born on one side of town has a life expectancy 10 years lower than in another part of town. This is a national disgrace, and there is much that an organised community can do to address it.

That is why we are hosting a conference with the aim of bringing key players: charities, community groups, academics, health professionals, and activists together, to explore what can be done to change the cycle of despair that too often exists in these communities.

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