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Ramadan and coming out against extremism in Sutton

posted by: Vic Paulino | on: Tuesday, 4 July 2017, 20:44

Following the recent spate of terrorism attacks across London and Manchester our local mosque, Sutton Islamic Mosque, suffered from a serious graffiti incident.

Instead of closing up, the mosque opened its doors to the public to share in an iftar (Ramadan fast-breaking meal) and asked that people come with any questions about Islam and the Muslim faith. We felt that this was an opportunity for our local More In Common group to engage and help to dispel some of the misconceptions around Islam.

The imam spoke at length and made us all incredibly welcome, explaining that this was the end of Ramadan, and talked to us about the reasoning behind their fasting month. Once he had spoken, I was invited me to speak about the work we do to help build unity within communities.

By encouraging questions between all parties we felt that some issues were laid open and we found common ground to start building a better understanding between our different groups. We agreed to work together more closely to build a stronger local community and to help people understand that we have far more in common than most people realise.

As a further result of the issues that have dominated our news of late, on Saturday we supported a 'United against Extremism’ march, which included many local Muslims. Again, the More in Common group not only supported the march, but engaged with the various groups that took part in the demonstration and spoke out against the divisions that are highlighted by, in particular, the far right.

Speakers at the event included the local imams, key figures from the Buddhist and Christian faith, the leader of the local council, and representatives of the main political parties, who all addressed the 100+ attendees. As a sign of respect and remembrance flowers were laid.

More events are planned in conjunction with local faith groups and the More in Common team, as our community extends this partnership against extremism.

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