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Merthyr weekend of action – insider’s review

posted by: Harriet Protheroe Davies | on: Monday, 3 July 2017, 16:57

Last weekend Movement for Mental Health Merthyr held its first 'Weekend of Action', with events across the community including a free fitness boot-camp, free landscape drawing session, a session with occupational therapists and a free poetry night.

Vivian Protheroe attended our poetry night with Merthyr's famed 'Red Poets' and tells us why he thinks events like this are important to the local community...

"Saturday’s ‘Open Mic Night’ at Merthyr’s Imperial Hotel, held as part of HOPE not hate’s weekend programme dedicated to mental health issues, proved to be a great success, bringing together professional practitioners, voluntary organisers, the Red Poets, and most importantly those directly affected by mental health problems.

The readings proved to be very moving, both cathartic and creatively stimulating for the participants.

As a lover of poetry who has suffered from deep depression myself, I could readily appreciate their courage in openly communicating their stories in their own terms. What was really inspiring was the positive response of the audience and the tangible empowerment that it demonstrably gave to the stature of the readers.

Not all the readings were directly related to mental health issues, but all were relevant to the undeniable links between poverty, deprivation and mental health, which have for many years been a blight on the people of towns like Merthyr and its neighbouring valley communities.

Inevitably the recent horrific scandalous events of the Grenfell Tower fire in London were also the subject of several readers.

All-in-all the evening proved a valuable forum for informed discussion and with musical interludes was by no means all ‘doom-and-gloom’!

Why not set up your own open mic night wherever you are? Having been to this one as part of the Movement for Mental Health Merthyr, I can certainly say this was a much needed event for people like me who suffer (and have spent many years suffering) from mental health and have few places or outlets to discuss it."

(For anyone in Merthyr or the surrounding area, open mic nights are a regular feature at The Imp – anyone interested in poetry, listening, discussing, or better still expressing theirown story in their own voice should contact Meic Jenkins: [email protected])

Click here to sign up to Movement for Mental Health Merthyr

Tackling mental health in Merthyr

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