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HOPE not hate Building Bridges not Walls!

posted by: John Page | on: Wednesday, 1 February 2017, 00:08

On 20 January, HOPE not hate groups across the country joined int he international protest: 'Bridges not walls'. Below are just a few of the pictures our supporters sent in.

Eileen Kinsman sent this picture from Aberystwyth; where they clearly give the message; doubling up with posters and banners!

Emma Beacham sends pictures from Abingdon! 50 people turned up to be a part of the lovely view that includes banners, posters and a beautiful bridge! Here we have a HOPE not hate supporter starting young!

In Lewisham after their session of leafleting Hilary Moore and friends use a poster for their photo opportunity! It was a Labour NHS day of action too, so double whammy for them!

In Cambridge over 40 people gathered by the Mathematical Bridge; a show of solidarity on Cambridge streets was reported by Cambridge News! Among the voices of HOPE determined to build bridges not walls were HNH supporters, representatives from migrant and refugee groups, trade unions, Cambridge University staff and activists from the Labour, Liberal Democrat and Green Party. How encouraging that people from across the political spectrum came forward to show their solidarity!

In Watford the photo op was covered by the Watford Observer who noted that people were getting the message to 'build bridges not walls!' Lots of smiling for the camera!

At London Bridge Thom Haig did a great job taking pictures to include this stand alone banner on the bridge and the view from opposite the bridge! You can see the crowd gathered on the bridge and the great message on a great banner!

Sutton supporters Building Bridges gave out leaflets at Sutton station and then it was time for photos! I am glad that everyone was wrapped up warm!

Here is a picture of supporters in Trafalgar Square! Both the message of Jo Cox More In Common and Bridges not walls represented here.

One of our canine supporters modelling our campaign shirt!

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