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Careful conversations in Cardiff

posted by: Tom Godwin | on: Monday, 12 December 2016, 15:54

Since October, our organisers in Wales have been running an ongoing project training over 160 people on how to navigate difficult conversations with people who hold prejudiced views.

We understand that if you want to change someone's point of view, the most effective way is to listen to them, engage with their concerns and only then question some of their underlying assumptions.

Using this training in Cardiff, our activists have been having conversations about immigration on the doorstep, in partnership with a local refugee centre. We experienced a level of distrust and distance. One person said that they weren't allowed in 'that centre for the refugees'.

The great news is that we had the opportunity to invite people along to an event at the refugee centre, and one woman, who had initially said, 'I will never set foot in there', decided that she would indeed come down and find out about the refugees and their centre. She enjoyed herself and is now one less hostile and more sympathetic person in the community.

This is a pilot project we hope to extend to other towns and cities where we are hosting trainings/canvassing sessions.

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