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Birmingham is choosing HOPE

posted by: John Page | on: Tuesday, 2 February 2016, 22:42

When Pegida UK, the latest anti-Muslim street movement initiated by Steven Lennon (who calls himself Tommy Robinson) chose Birmingham as their launch event this Saturday, they really did choose the wrong city.

Like many other places, Birmingham’s communities are under pressure, but when hate threatened to make their city its home, they chose to respond with a display of unity and HOPE.

Over 600 people pledged to drink a cup of tea together with someone from another community. Over 70 community leaders came together, from faith, arts, trade union, business, community and political backgrounds and signed a unity declaration; in doing so they chose hope.

This Friday, Birmingham Central Mosque will be the location of a unity event, with representatives of the Christian, Jewish, Hindu, Sikh and Muslim communities coming together (alongside local trade union, community, arts, business and political leaders) to discuss how Birmingham’s communities can work together to address the challenges they face.

I think it is fair to say, that rather than create division, suspicion and hatred, Pegida have simply prompted the communities of Birmingham to create even more unity, confidence and HOPE.

If you would like to join us on Friday, sign up here.

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