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More In Common: The Album

posted by: Simon Tucker | on: Thursday, 20 October 2016, 11:25

The idea for the #MoreInCommon album was born from my desire to do as much as I can to help raise awareness for HOPE not hate (Hnh).

I have been a music reviewer for a few years, writing mostly for the acclaimed arts website Louder Than War and during my time there I have built up a few connections. I also run a music PR business, so thought I would tie the two in together and reach out to see who would be willing to help.

To say I was delighted with the response would be a massive understatement. The amount of positive feedback I received was overwhelming and what started off as a little idea has now grown into a release that has 95 songs on it.

I think I was always going to include music somehow in my HnH activism as it has been my biggest passion since a very young age. My parents were, and remain, music obsessives and I was surrounded by all sorts of music growing up and this is the most important bit.

My parents NEVER dismissed a genre of music especially based on the background of the artist. I was played 2-Tone, Glam, Dance, Pop, Punk all from the time I was born. There was no colour to the music I was listening to, no sexuality, no division. If it was deemed good by my folks then it got played. I believe this (and my parents' liberal views) helped shape the person I grew up to be.

You couldn't grow up homophobic when your Dad's favourite singer was Freddy Mercury and your happiest memories were soundtracked by his voice! You also couldn't grow up racist when you saw the joy The Specials gave my parents and my rather large family.

Being a true music fans means you must be open to EVERYTHING, regardless of the artist's skin colour, sexual orientation, etc and music has always been a powerful weapon for positive change. I may look back quite cynically now at Live Aid but what an amazing day that was when I watched it live as a small boy. I was getting educated while being thoroughly entertained.

I am new to Hnh after only starting up the Carmarthen branch soon after the Referendum. I must say it has been one of the most positive things I have ever done. We get people from all sorts of backgrounds attending and I now have a core team of activists who are keen to help out in any way they can – even standing in the rain handing out leaflets just so they can be a part of something good and help create change.

Carmarthen as a town has been very supportive, as has the local press, so I am extremely pleased with how these first few months have gone. I look forward to the years ahead as I know that little-by-little we will achieve something that will help make the lives of our children a happier and more inclusive time.

#MoreInCommon (£5) is released on 28th October, featuring tracks from 95+ bands. All proceeds will go towards HOPE not hate.

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