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About HOPE not hate Charitable Trust

HOPE not hate uses research, education and public engagement to challenge mistrust and racism, and helps to build communities that are inclusive, celebrate shared identities and are resilient to hate.

HOPE not hate structure

In order to comply with UK legislation, HOPE not hate operates via two separate and distinct legal entities, through which we deliver a range of activities and services.

You are currently on the website of HOPE not hate Charitable Trust (HNH Charitable), which is our charitable wing. HNH Charitable is the main vehicle for the development and execution of our community action and engagement plans, training and educational services. HNH Charitable equips local communities and groups to defeat hate at a grassroots level. We also seek to influence the national debate by providing briefings and training to public policy figures as well as statutory and non-statutory bodies. HNH Charitable enables us to make direct interventions during and after challenging events. HNH Charitable also publishes regular pamphlets and toolkits. HNH Charitable was founded in 1992.

HOPE not hate Ltd (HNH Ltd) is the registered company through which we deliver our political activity. The HNH Ltd website can be accessed here.

HOPE not hate Charitable Trust is registered with Companies House (2738367) and the Charity Commission (1013880)

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